Re: [glade--] Glademm and pixmaps also custom widgets

Christopher David wrote:
Loading them at runtime is what we originally plan on doing and at this stage in the game, we may just stick with that and use pixmaps. We eventually got pixmaps to work on a smaller project on another computer, and since this will be the main computer we'll be working on, everthing is fine for now. Out of curiosity, I've been trying to find other ways of using pictures, is there anywhere I can find the documentation for embedding jpegs, I haven't been too successful in finding some

simply give gtk2 and glademm a try (it will embed jpegs in compressed form). I would never dare to try this with gtk1.

I recreated it with no spaces, the preamble didn't change. This has fixed the problem. Thank you for telling me about the preamble.

Nice to see this solved.

Again, we've gotten it to work for now, so this isn't a big deal. I appreciate your help, it has greatly benefited me and my group a lot. I'm interested to know what the response to Peter Bradshaw's question of "How to get a hold of the widgets," since we have run into the same question. Again, thanks for all your help. Hope you're feeling better.

Mark the visibility as protected ;-)

Oh, my ear capacity has returned. I'm just a bit short breathed due to the lack of sports.

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