Re: [glade--]bug in including pixmaps

Thanks for your prompt help.  I should have said in my original email
that I've patched my local copy of glade-- to not add the ../ in  When you do a new release, I'll pick it up.

The reason I have src=. is that the UI is only part of a larger project,
with a couple of us working on it.  I really just want to use glade to
design the UI, so ideally I'd like glade-- not to generate all the
automake/autoconf stuff at all.  (We have our own handcrafted versions
of all that.)

I'm aware of the --gladeonly flag, but on my machine that causes glade--
to segfault in CxxFile::Class().  Since all the glade-generated auto*
files don't hurt, I haven't spent any effort trying to understand this
bug.  I can live with a ton of useless files in my ui directory.

Anyway, thanks again.  I should say that I really like glade--; I have
been using the C version of glade and the lack of modularity there is


On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 04:04, Christof Petig wrote:
> Christof Petig wrote:
> > Sorry, I have no working combination, the .. is unconditional. Perhaps 
> > you can do
> > (cd ..; ln -s ui/pixmaps pixmaps)
> > to solve the problem until a patch is available.
> I was wrong. srcdir="" is a special case which should work for you. I 
> added "." to the list of exceptions anyway.
> Also absolute path names should work.
>     Christof
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