Re: [glade--]how to install glademm on RHL9

Susumu Yoshida schrieb:
even though I already installed "libsigc++-1.2.5".
but not libsigc++-devel-1.2.5

I got completely lost(;_;)
What should I do first?

Of course you need all dependancies, too (atk[-dev],pango[-dev],glib[-dev], sigc++-1.2[-dev] and more).

I really advise you to ask someone more familiar with redhat and fedora. I thought that your package manager (yam isn't that) would resolve dependancies for you. Doing this (or searching for individual packages on the net) by hand is really not up to the time.

If your linux distribution cannot give you automatic dependancy resolution (which I clearly doubt, given that RH/fedora still has users), you should consider a decent distribution. Perhaps apt-rpm is the correct solution for you.

Shocked and glad to not _had_ to compile gtkmm myself for several years

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