Re: [glade--]glade newby please help

Mauro Venanzi wrote:

hI list

you managed to chose the wrong list (C++ centric).

i just want to do a simple user interface using glade
i have built the interface (two simple buttons)
now i  want that every button run a c application
 for example i have done a c program called sing.c
i want that a user can run the program clicking on a button

Use system("echo hallo"); in your callback.

i dont' know what i can do to do this, i dont' know how to change
in the callbacks.c.also i dont' know if is possible to
write a c function using for example i
nt main (){...

because in the project there's a main.c file ,so i can creat a conflict

I'd say: simply edit it. But I'm no pure glade expert.

please explain me whit an example (
or better send me a simple example file
where  a button run an external c executable program


PS: If you chose to use C++ you may contact me again ;-)

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