Re: [glade--]Re: Gnomemm-2 support in glade--

Hi Peter,

thank you for your continued work.

But I'm not happy with one of the choices you made:

    Pkg_Version gtk_version;
+   Pkg_Version gtk2_version;
    Pkg_Version gtkmm_version;
+   Pkg_Version gtkmm2_version;

No, I'm not glad with introducing two variables. And another variable which selects which one of them is actually significant.

I really prefer the way I did: look for exactly one version of gnome, depending on Configuration.gnome2 and use only that.

Perhaps I should introduce a gnome1/2() method which selects the appropriate default values [from the preprocessor defines]. (Note: I did not object to two preprocessor symbols, that's right).


Can you test my solution and tell me where any problems lie?

+      int pos;
+      if (GNOME2) {
+	while ((pos = placement.find("BONOBO_DOCK_")) != std::string::npos) {
+	  placement.replace(pos, strlen("BONOBO_DOCK_"), "Gnome::Bonobo::DOCK_");
+	}
+      }

We should unify that with the method Gtkmm2Namespace uses (perhaps integrate it in the same Function, there's not a high probability of collision with non gnome programs if you replace BONOBO_DOCK unconditionally).

+     // Convert to Gnome 2;
+     while ((pos = options.find("BONOBO_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_")) != std::string::npos) {
+       options.replace(pos, strlen("BONOBO_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_"),
+		       "Gnome::Bonobo::DOCK_ITEM_BEH_");


+      if (pt == "GNOME_PREFERENCES_USER")
+	 return "Gnome::UI::PREFERENCES_USER";
+      if (pt == "GNOME_PREFERENCES_ALWAYS")
+	 return "Gnome::UI::PREFERENCES_ALWAYS";
+      return "Gnome::UI::PREFERENCES_NEVER";



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