Re: [glade--]Bug fix for stock buttons

Mark Jones wrote:

I ran into another bug of it not properly handling stock buttons, and
instead of creating them, it would give them the label of their stockID
(like "gtk-apply").

Below is the code that fixed it for me in my copy from CVS (pulled out

Fixed in CVS, actually I implemented stock toolbar buttons but did not look at normal stock buttons.

Also, I did not test this for cases other than GTKMM2, but I think this
should work looking at the order of the if else clauses.  Hopefully this
is either the full fix, or gets you close to it.  It worked for me
though.  :)

Can you try to send diff -u patches? They are IMHO much more readable and easier to apply than heavily commented code fragments. Simply do a diff -u original_file new_file
and attach the output to your mail.


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