Re: [glade--]Re: BUG FIX for: Re: Doesn't seem to be handling button box packing correctly

Mark Jones wrote:
Oops, just spotted something in it that I meant to comment on.  I actually do want you to make a decision about it and how I handle it even if this is the correct spot for the bug fix, there is still a small decision to make:

     bool edge(w.getProperty("layout_style")=="GTK_BUTTONBOX_EDGE");
     bool start(w.getProperty("layout_style")=="GTK_BUTTONBOX_START");
     bool end(w.getProperty("layout_style")=="GTK_BUTTONBOX_END");

     f.Statement() << instance << "set_layout" << "(Gtk::";
     if ( spread )
         f << "BUTTONBOX_SPREAD";
     else if ( edge )
         f << "BUTTONBOX_EDGE";


that's what Gtkmm2Namespace is supposed to do:


fixed in CVS (seems that the property was renamed from layout to layout_style)

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