[glade--]BUG FIX for: Re: Doesn't seem to be handling button box packing correctly

I have implemented a fix for this bug too.  Christof, you can see if it is complete.  It worked for me, but that is only for gtkmm2.  Also, I'm not sure if you have it implemented somewhere else and just have a bug in that code.  I'm sure you will be able to know though if so.


void Gtk_Box::Configure(const Widget &w,CxxFile &f,const std::string &instance) const
{  Parent::Configure(w,f,instance);
   if (!w.ChildName().empty()) // our ctor was never called
   {  WriteBoolProperty(w,f,instance, "homogeneous");
      WriteIntProperty(w,f,instance, "spacing");
   if (w.hasProperty("layout_style"))
      //Ex:   dialog1->get_action_area()->set_layout(Gtk::BUTTONBOX_END);
      bool spread(w.getProperty("layout_style")=="GTK_BUTTONBOX_SPREAD");
      bool edge(w.getProperty("layout_style")=="GTK_BUTTONBOX_EDGE");
      bool start(w.getProperty("layout_style")=="GTK_BUTTONBOX_START");
      bool end(w.getProperty("layout_style")=="GTK_BUTTONBOX_END");

      f.Statement() << instance << "set_layout" << "(Gtk::";
      if ( spread )
          f << "BUTTONBOX_SPREAD";
      else if ( edge )
          f << "BUTTONBOX_EDGE";
      else if ( start )
          f << "BUTTONBOX_START";
          f << "BUTTONBOX_END";

      f << ')';


On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 22:52, Mark Jones wrote:
> The most recent version I can pull out of cvs does not seem to be
> handling button box (inside generic dialogs) packing correctly.
>       <child internal-child="action_area">
> 	<widget class="GtkHButtonBox" id="dialog-action_area1">
> 	  <property name="visible">True</property>
> 	  <property name="layout_style">GTK_BUTTONBOX_EDGE</property>
> I'm referring to the last line of the above.  It doesn't set that at
> all.
> Mark

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