[glade--]glade-- signal errors

I have built a simple C++ dialog, `dialog', with Glade 0.6.2
using RedHat 7.2. I used the default buttons and added one
other and all of the signal handlers I added to them work fine.

Now I want to handle closing the dialog. When I add a handler to
the close signal and run make I get the following error:
   dialog_glade.cc: In method `dialog_glade::dialog_glade():
   dialog_glade.cc:44 `on_dialog_close' is not a member of type `dialog'
   make: *** [dialog_glade.o] Error 1

This error gets solved by copying the function declarations
from the _new files.

Then when I run make the error I get is:
   dialog_glade.cc: In method `dialog_glade::dialog_glade()':
   dialog_glade.cc:44 no matching function call to
   `Gtk::ProxySignal0<gboolean, Gnome::Dialog, GnomeDialog, 1>::connect
   /usr/local/include/gtk--/proxy.h:96:candidates are:SigC::Connection
   Gtk::ProxySignal0<R, Obj, gObj, index>::connect(const SigC::Slot0<R>
   &) [with R= gboolean, Obj=Gnome::Dialog, gObj=GnomeDialog, int
   index= 1]
   make: *** [dialog_glade.o] Error 1

I get the same error if I add the signal handler before the
initial build or by adding it later and rebuilding.

I have tried a couple of other signals like set_focus and
destroy_event and they are not recognized as members.

My question is, `Are all the signals working or am I doing
something wrong?'

I am new to glade-- so any direction you can provide will be
greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Dennis Piasetzki

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