Re: [glade--]Some questions

> Normally you edit the main function to only create the windows you need.

Ah, yes. Stupid me. I need to read more on gtk--.

> Can you tell me how to do it (in Gtk--), I'll implement it with glade-- 
> (if glade is capable of setting it). Once I dreamed of paramaters in 
> glade files ... but no time to implement that (and the C folks never 
> really liked the idea as much as I did) ...

In my glade (v0.6.2) I've found an option to disable the file op buttons
(in the widget's property menu). Glade writes it out to the following XML
In gtk-- this is the hide_fileop_buttons function. Found at:

Maybe you can implement that into glade-- so I don't have to
manipulate the * file myself :-). Thanks,

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