Re: [glade--]GTK and databases.

Petr Ferschmann wrote:

I want to write some database application using gtk-- and/or gnome-- (and of course C++). I want to ask if exists some interface for database access. I do not mean some postgresql/mysql mapping. I need something more general.

For example I need to specify that in some CList or Combo will be result of some query (select * from table). But I want to use sometime - postgresql
	- BerkleyDB
	- own results from my CORBA application server

I also need that feature that it allows not downloading 1 milion of rows - only that are visible (I want to seek).

The library you are looking for is gnome-db. But ... I never managed to get it up and running against my postgresql database.

It simply did not do anything. Tried five times in two years. Gave up
(but decided to ask on the gnome-db mailinglist for a clue once I find time).

Gnome-db is well integrated into glade, but I never wrote glade-- support for it ...

If you manage to get it working, please tell me


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