Re: [glade--]Some questions

RevX gmx at wrote:

I have to some questions regarding the handling of glademm output files:

1. The user guide mentions glade support files. I don't see any (but
seems to work the way it should). Do I need them? Where they are? And what
is a widget map?

You only get them if you use public'ly visible widgets (which is not recommended). (Lookup in a static map)

2. Normally, all windows of a project are displayed at once. Of course, I
want the user to see all dialog windows at once when starting up the
So, I put a hide_all() into the constructor of each (dialog window) class.
result was that all dialog windows got drawn and immediately got hidden BUT
left a grey rectangular area where they appeared (which didn't go away).
Is there a way to fix this without touching the *_glade.?? files and
out the xyzwindow->show_all() parts?

Normally you edit the main function to only create the windows you need.

3. A very similar question: I want to disable the so-called fileop buttons
in the
file selection dialog. But thus the according class has the file selection
creation in the constructor I doubt I'll be able to turn them off (or get
rid of
them) without manipulating the * file (see question above). Or do
I misunderstand something and just have to put the hide_fileop_buttons()
the constructor of my corresponding class?

Can you tell me how to do it (in Gtk--), I'll implement it with glade-- (if glade is capable of setting it). Once I dreamed of paramaters in glade files ... but no time to implement that (and the C folks never really liked the idea as much as I did) ...


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