Re: [glade--]GTK and databases.

On Fri, 2002-02-15 at 12:14, Petr Ferschmann wrote:
> Hello
> I want to write some database application using gtk-- and/or gnome-- (and of 
> course C++). 

I can't think how this is relevant to glademm-list gnome org, so I'm
ccing it to gtkmm-main lists sourceforge net

> I want to ask if exists some interface for database access. I do not mean 
> some postgresql/mysql mapping. I need something more general.
> For example I need to specify that in some CList or Combo will be result of 
> some query (select * from table). 

I _think_ that gnome-db might have some data-bound widgets. You should
look at that. If so, then we need to think about wrapping them.

> But I want to use sometime 
> 	- postgresql
> 	- BerkleyDB
> 	- own results from my CORBA application server
> I also need that feature that it allows not downloading 1 milion of rows - 
> only that are visible (I want to seek).
> Beacause I need to write own "plugin" I need that it will support some 
> general interface - for example: 
> 	- getRowCount()
> 	- seek()
> 	- getRow()
> 	...
> Exists something like this? If no I want to write something new (with 
> discussiion with you). 
> I think it should be so useable like Perl DBI. 
> If it doesn't exist I will send you some my ideas for discussion.
> 	Thank you for your answers.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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