[glade--]Re: Features I'd like to see in Glade (and maybe glademm?)

Mark Jones wrote:

- when you add a dialog of any type they are always top level and so they automatically pop up at the start of your program, until you modify the source code. It would be nice if they didn't automatically popup and if you could have them all be hidden at first. Maybe glademm would need to be modified as well since it is what creates the c++ code from the .glade file? So that might be a more complex feature to add than the above two. And, it would be good if they could be assignable events for signals, such that I can tell a button upon being clicked that it should show a certain dialog. I'm not sure how this would effect glademm which is what I'm using though.

feel free to remove the unneeded widgets from the main function, it is more a first hint on how to create the widgets than meant to remain unedited.


PS: You should definitely CC the lists.

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