[glade--]Re: [gtkmm] Bug in glade-- 6.2b or maybe more likely gtkmm-1.2.8

Daniel Elstner wrote:

Am Son, 2002-02-10 um 22.24 schrieb Mark Jones:

Does anyone else have this happen?

and the c++ code:
  Gtk::Button *splitGoButton = manage(new class Gtk::Button(_("_Go")));

This is certainly a glademm bug.  Gtk::Button does have a parse_uline()
method, which has to be called just like in the C code below.

I didn't know about this feature, I'll take a look and code it (if you need it earlier than next week, you should try to fix it yourself (src/writers/button.cc)).

(BTW, in gtkmm-1.3 the Gtk::Button ctor has a bool has_mnemonic argument
for this purpose.)

Good idea.


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