Re: [glade--]Rearragement of code (dialog's widgets as members)

Klaus Triendl schrieb:
but what would be great is if glademm would allow creating normal

members - not only pointers. what do you think?

This was part of glademm-0.4.x? I stopped maintaining that code because
with gtkmm-1.2, the recommended way to allocate widgets was on heap. It
simplified things a lot since it was possible to rearrange the creation
order easily (otherwise you would have to reorder the member


but if you create let's say a dialog with inline widgets already on the
heap, then the inline members are on the heap too; i think so at least.
BUT: as it is much more difficult to keep track of order (and other things),
let's let it like it is now.

You're right. Its memory is part of the heap (but it's not allocated from the heap). It's not a separate heap entity on its own. That's what I meant but not said that clear.


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