Re: [glade--]Rearragement of code (dialog's widgets as members)

> >>>but what would be great is if glademm would allow creating normal
> members - not only pointers. what do you think?
> >>
> >>This was part of glademm-0.4.x? I stopped maintaining that code because
> >>with gtkmm-1.2, the recommended way to allocate widgets was on heap. It
> >>simplified things a lot since it was possible to rearrange the creation
> >>order easily (otherwise you would have to reorder the member
> variables).

but if you create let's say a dialog with inline widgets already on the
heap, then the inline members are on the heap too; i think so at least.
BUT: as it is much more difficult to keep track of order (and other things),
let's let it like it is now.

> > Concerning what Christof brought up about object order of creation.
> Hmmm. Sounds like a misunderstanding. Admittedly I don't understand,
> what you are talking about. (Current glademm is not able to inline
> widgets no matter how hard you try.)
> But I was talking about changing
>    class window1_glade { Gtk::SpinButton *spin; ... };
> to
>    class window1_glade { Gtk::SpinButton spin; ... };
> which I thought what Klaus meant when he spoke about normal members.

this is exactly what i meant.

triendl klaus

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