[Glade-users] Building a simple composite widget?

I'm trying to build a set of reusable widgets.  Basically I have a bunch 
of places where I need the same dropdown boxes.  Each box may have a 
different selected value (Instance A uses Index 1 while Instance B uses 
Index 2), but the items in the list are the same.

I'm really just looking to build a set of Pre-populated "GtkComboBox" 
items - A simplified example is attached.

I'd prefer to store the possible enum values within a widget and then 
interrogate it rather than a bunch of "GtkListStore" items I need to 
edit over and over.

Is there a way I can convert the attached "ProtocolDropdown" object into 
a widget?  I'd want it to stay associated with the "Protocols" 

Building a C program to track this feels like massive overkill, but I 
don't see a way to "Export object as widget".


Pat Riehecky

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

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