[Glade-users] Glade 2 and Glade 3

Hi all,

     I had the understanding that glade 2 was for use with gtk2 and that 
was version glade 2.10 was the end of the line for gtk2 support.  
Looking at https://glade.gnome.org/sources.ht this appears to have been 
updated.  3.8 is for gtk2 and 3.20 is for gtk3.   I have glade 3.18 and 
gtk3 on my Mint 18.3 machine and I'd like to know how to be able to use 
work with gtk3 and 3 and of course have the magic of glade?  I'm a bit 
confused with the version number right now.  Should I junk what I have 
and build gtk 2 and 3 plus glade 2 and 3 from sources?  At this point in 
time I'm not able to see the older gtk2 based glade files with glade. 
Regards Ian.

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