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In Glade 3.20.0 the same thing happens.


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   1. Glade 3.18.3 eats CPU and RAM (Reuben Rissler)


Message: 1
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2017 23:09:48 -0400
From: Reuben Rissler <silrep at emypeople.net>
To: glade-users at lists.dot.net
Subject: [Glade-users] Glade 3.18.3 eats CPU and RAM
Message-ID: <19dce558-6de0-a336-a5b6-daea0a991d9b at emypeople.net>
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Has anybody else had Glade 3.18.3 use one core of the CPU and slowly
fill up RAM until the computer freezes? This only happens when Glade is
displaying a Signals window. Say the Signals tab under Widget Properties
or when editing a cellrenderer for a treeview.

As soon as Glade is shut down the RAM usage goes normal again. At this
point I refrain from having Signals windows open for any extended amount
of time. I see this behavior on three different computers so it is not
the computer.



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