[Glade-users] Where is GtkFlowBox ? SOLVED

Ok so I answered my own question. The compiled version Glade 3.20
installs its catalogs to a different directory to the package manager
installed version.

Strangely 3.20 doesn't 'know' where the installed catalogs are! Perhaps
there's some global config somewhere which tells any glade where its'
catalogs are?

Any how a little renaming the old and linking the new has fixed my
problem. Don't I just hate linux wonks. ;-}

On 30/06/17 01:13, Charles Bradshaw wrote:
I have installed the latest glade 3.20 with the expectation of
GtkFlowBox, however I see no such object in the catalog.

I see /usr/local/share/glade/gtk+.xml which contains the line:

<glade-widget-class use-placeholders="False" since="3.12"
name="GtkFlowBox" generic-name="flowbox" title="Flow Box">

And icons named widget-gtk-flowbox.png

Do I have to do some other installation to make flow boxes available in

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