[Glade-users] would like a stock button without the text (GtkButton), or a stock GtkToolButton that gets button-pressed-event


you?re welcome.

On a side note, could you elaborate on why you need the button-pressed
event instead of clicked? Just out of curiosity, as I rarely see valid use
cases for this signal (and because I prefer using GtkActions).

On Jun 25, 2016 04:59, "Dan Hitt" <dan.hitt at gmail.com> wrote:

Ah, thank you very much Gergely.

This is exactly what i need.

A little elaboration here as to what i'm doing: i want to isolate as much
of the gui development to glade as possible, because it will make the app
look more like other apps, and probably be better than anything i could do.

And i want to avoid text on buttons as much as possible for all the usual

I thought GtkToolButton was ideal for what i wanted, but it has trouble
getting the button-press-event signal, while a button has no such problem.

Anyhow, i appreciate your help very much, and it lets me get on my way.


On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 8:24 AM, Gergely Polonkai <gergely at polonkai.eu>

Add a GtkButton, and inside a GtkImage. If you are using the Glade UI,
you have to check the ?Add custom content? checkbox in the button

Thanks Gergely for your suggestion.

But how would i do that entirely in glade, and using only stock images?

TIA for any info.


On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 1:04 AM, Gergely Polonkai <gergely at polonkai.eu>


how about you create a simple button, and add an image inside? Buttons
are containers, you can put anything inside (even a button, but that
doesn?t make much sense).


Gergely Polonkai
[image: https://]about.me/gergely.polonkai


2016-06-24 7:49 GMT+02:00 Dan Hitt <dan.hitt at gmail.com>:

I would like to have a widget, created in glade, that acts like a
button in that it gets button-press-event, and has a stock image, but
does not have any text label.

A GtkToolButton almost fits the bill, in that it has an image but no

However, if you put signal handlers on a GtkToolButton, you can see
when it is clicked, or gets a button-released-event, but the
button-pressed-events are unreliable.   In my setup, they only show up
for double clicks.

On the other hand a GtkButton certainly does get button-pressed-event
and button-released-event, but if it's a stock button, there does not
seem to be a way to tell it to just not show any text.

I would like to do this entirely in glade, without writing any code,
and using only standard images.

Is this possible?

I'm using xubuntu 16.04, and the glade which comes with it which is

Thanks in advance for any clues, and i can provide more details if i'm
leaving something out here.

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