[Glade-users] GtkEntry

replace with
txt_pt = gtk_entry_get_text (GtkEntry(entry));

the is problem, the comma after?GtkEntry

Le Mardi 10 juin 2014 1h14, Ian Chapman <ichapman at videotron.ca> a ?crit :

Many thanks to John and Martin for their help. I've another difficulty 
that I do could not figure out. In glade 3.14.2 I have window with a 
container box and in one of the compartments of the box I have Text 
Entry that shows in the inspector as GtkEntry (FileName).
I should be able to read the text with
const gchar *txt_pt;
txt_pt = gtk_entry_get_text (GtkEntry, (entry)); // error: expected 
expression before ?GtkEntry?

I should also be able to write with
gtk_entry_set_text (GtkEntry entry, "hello"); //expected declaration 
specifiers or ?...? before string constant

But I get these errors. Also if I have more than one Text Entry how do I 
select between them? Thanks in advance Ian.

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