[Glade-users] Problem with palette and scrolling

Hello, all!

I've searched a lot for the solution for this but I can't find anyone who
has the same problem.

Using Linux Mint 15, Xfce 4 and Glade 3.14.2, the palette always scrolls
(jumps) upward when I hover the mouse over an item that I need to scroll
down for to become visible.

To be precise:
1. Scroll down the palette.
2. Attempt to hover mouse over any item at the bottom.
3. Palette "jumps (scrolls) upward.

The result is that I am entirely unable to select the item at the bottom or
in fact to examine what they do via mouse-over tooltips.

I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one that this happens to, so I
apologize in advance if this is a repeated problem that has an obvious
solution that I've managed to overlook.

Thanks in advance!

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