[Glade-users] Two newbie questions

On 2013-05-16, at 7:39 PM, Carlos Franke <carlos_franke at taunusstein.net> wrote:

Hi Tristan,

thanks for the instructions! At the moment, though, I am happily using Boost.Locale for localisation rather 
than intltool, so I am going give that another try for dealing with glade files before I consider switching 

I would think boost uses gettext under the hood for the runtime translations no ? (gettext is the standard 
right ?)... fwiw, GtkBuilder also uses gettext to translate strings at runtime using the compiled .mo files).

For intltool, I'm only referring to that as a tool to use at build time, I.e, that's what you use to extract 
all of the translatable strings and merge them into the .po files for translation.

There may be other solutions to extract translatable strings from glade files (gtk+ uses a custom method 
instead of intltool to update the .po files).

Anyway good luck, hopefully it won't be too difficult to use the existing machinery.


I hope you have not been maintaining separate Glade files for too long,
this feature has been built into Glade for a very very long time ;-)

No, I never went through with it, as I quickly got frustrated over the issue and put the release of the 
affected project on hold for I-dont-know-how-long. Maybe I will try again soon.

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