[Glade-users] Two newbie questions

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Hi, list.

( If this is answered nicely somewhere else, throw me a link is enough)

1. Where is the correct location to install .glade/.ui files with
regard to FHS or some freedesktop.org standards?


For this I would really recommend that you do not install .ui files.

This contributes to needless flash wear by your application (by
accessing the disk when that's not really needed).

Rather, I would encourage you to use GResources to bind
the XML into your app or library and use gtk_builder_add_from_resource().
(note that GResources allows for a compression option too).

If you want to install them anyway, the place would be:


Which would be the ${pkgdatadir} in your Makefiles, assuming
that you are using automake.

2. What is the correct way to add a copyright notice, e.g.,  "This is
free software." blah blah, to a .glade/.ui file?

Unfortunately this is a bug that is still standing, Glade does not
really support the user added comments at the top of the file,
but I admit that it should.

Kind Regards,

Thank you in advance.
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