[Glade-users] build with: PYGOBJECT... no?


I'm very new to GTK; I recently built pygobject using jhbuild; its seems like it is built correctly.

I was looking at the configure for 'glade' and it seems like its missing some python pieces;? Just wandering 
about that.

Any help would be appreciated.? Skeleton of my configure below.


$ jhbuild shell

$ mkdir glade-3.10.2.build; cd glade-3.10.2.build
$../glade-3.10.2/configure --prefix=$PREFIX

In the configure there is a line:

checking for PYGOBJECT... no


??? Source code location:???
??? Compiler:??? ??? ?gcc
??? GTK+ UNIX Print Widgets: yes
??? PYTHON Widgets support:??? ?no
??? Introspection Data:????? yes

??? Build Reference Manual:? no
??? Build User Manual:?????? yes
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