[Glade-users] gtkToolButton don't sets the associated gtkAction label

2012/1/3 Jos? F?lix Onta??n <felixonta at gmail.com>:
Hello everybody,
I've a problem dealing with gtkToolButton and gtkAction widgets
underglade 3.10.0: gtkToolButtons don't sets the associated
gtkAction"label" property, even though the "short label", "tooltip" or
"stockicon" does. Even the "preview snapshot" fails this way.

The ?"use action appearance" property of the toolbutton is set to TRUE.
I've attached a minimal glade file test.

Ok now I can remember there was actually an issue with this that
we fixed.

The problem is that in your Glade file the use-action-appearance
property is serialized after the related-action property, this is
a problem in Glade which was fixed since 3.10.1

The current stable release is 3.10.2 so you would be better
off to install 3.10.2.


Thanks for your support.

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