[Glade-users] custom widget, gtkmm with glade support and custom properties?

That is the python way to create custom glade widgets for LinuxCNC, some
parts should be relevant enough to give you some hints.


On Thu, 2012-12-20 at 08:29 -0800, PyZahl wrote:
Hmm, thanks for the reply. But I am not sure how this python code is related
to a custom glade widget with custom glade configurable properties. Ideally
a gtkmm (C++ bindings) sample would be very appreciated or at least a kind
of description how things go together.


John Thornton-3 wrote:

Might be some hints here even though it is for python...



On Mon, 2012-12-17 at 08:25 -0800, PyZahl wrote:

I have a question about creating custom widgets using gtkmm with glade
support and additional properties hooked into them, 

I tried without success to find the clues I need in the documentations
do not get the picture how to use it in the right context. 

As of now I succeeded to create a custom derived widget and minimal
code creating a .so lib and a glade catalog with properties I need and
all loading and showing fine in glade. Can set/change properties but it's
missing the "do_child_set/get..." methods (get a warning) like this: 

(glade:3214):  GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_set_property: object
`gtkmm__CustomObject_customwidget' has no property named

I need to know how the prototypes or definitions have to be defined in

However, I am lost with the next step to access/support the properties
within my derived widget in C++. using gtkmm. See below what I have so

See here for my testing code (I tried unsuccessfully to add the code of
interest here): 

I appreciate any hints or a basic example how to get going from here. 

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