[Glade-users] widgets problems : the widgets is with gtk 2.16 but your project point to 2.12

On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 4:33 AM, Fox Fossati <fox.fossati.it at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi to all! I have Anjuta (italian version) with Ubuntu. I
have a little problem. I have some wigets that the software tell me
(when i pass the mouse) that the widget is with gtk 2.16 and my
project point to gtk 2.12. Is there a method to solve this
problem?Other widgets similar problem: the widget is with gtk 2.20 but
your project point to 2.12
I'm new not only with anjuta but with linux too.
I click project property and i see i have:

   I'm sorry but I'm not sure how anjuta exposes Glade's project
properties in the UI.

With the Glade stand-alone tool you have a project properties dialog
that lets you set the target GTK+ version for you project, perhaps as
a hack you can edit the Glade file by hand, one of the first lines
should be:
   <requires lib="gtk+" version="2.12"/>

You can change the version to a later version that you know will be
supported on your machine, and then startup anjuta again after
modifying the Glade file.

If the gtkmm versions follow the GTK+ versions (which I suspect
they do), then your Anjuta setup is targeting a very old version of
GTK+ (2.4 ?! we've now reached a final version 2.24) and you should
probably fix that (maybe by changing some setting in Anjuta to target
a more recent GTK+, or it's possible you have a very old installation
and need to upgrade Anjuta).

Probably you better ask the Anjuta folks about this.


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