[Glade-users] problem with glade 3.10 and deprecated gtktable

Le 16/11/2011 04:14, Tristan Van Berkom a ?crit :
On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 4:50 AM, Martin Hamant<martin at sound4.biz>  wrote:
Why do most of the time, posting on a mailing-list magically makes a
solution to raise by itself ?

Is the solution to my problem is using glade-gtk2 ?
If yes, this was really not easy to find the information :>
That sounds like probably the solution, what you really need
is Glade 3.8.x which is the last stable version of Glade to run
with GTK+ 2.x, Glade 3.10 onward depends on (and works with) GTK+-3.x.
Hi Tristan and thanks !
glade-gtk2 under oneiric is in fact Glade 3.8.0, so it's cool !

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