[Glade-users] gtkbuilder and menubars

There are no gtk.actions in your glade file.  I suggest you study
gtk.actions, because the example you cited uses them.

Also, you might study whether the automatic signal connections are
sufficient (when you invoke "gtk_builder_connect_signals (builder,
NULL);").  My understanding is that the example you cite doesn't show
how to make the  connections, but is suggesting that when the
connections are made, you need to pass a struct that contains a
reference to the actions and a reference to your text widgets.  It seems
to me that automatic connections could not be passing that struct
because it does not know about it.  IOW the "user data" portion of a
signal is something you have to construct yourself and if used, requires
you to manually connect a signal.

Sorry, this could be wrong, I can't give you a better answer because I
am not an expert.

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