[Glade-users] DLL error on Windows XP

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Anthony Papillion <papillion at gmail.com>wrote:

I've recently had to install Glade on a Windows XP machine and I'm getting
an error when I start the application. The error is that it couldn't start
because libgladeui-1.9 couldn't be found. I've tried reinstalling the
application and have no luck.

Can anyone help?


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This probably depends on the version of glade, but, if the folder structure
of your glade installation is like mine, you should have a bin folder which
contains glade-3.exe and libgladeui-1-9.dll, among other files. I guess
double clicking on this .exe should open Glade.

It seems the Glade installer creates a shortcut to an executable which is
right outside the bin folder, making it more difficult to find the dll's.

Hopefully this makes sense in your Glade version.

Jong Bor Lee
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