[Glade-users] Help on Installation of Glade



Newbie to glade and having problems with installation.


(1) I am running Windows XP Pro 64.


(2) I have downloaded and installed 


     glade3-6.6.7-with-gtk+.exe (17482kb)


After the installation it shows as: Glade-3.6.6


and not as would be expected Glade-3.6.7


(3) When I run the program the following error messages are dispalyed:


Entry Point Not Found


The procedure entry point gdk_win32_begin_diect_libgtk_only


could not be located in the dynamic link library




(3) On clicking OK on the error message Glade does start however the ICONs
are not fully displayed.  The same ICON

is displayed for all the widgets.


(4) From the Glade window selecting the window icon from Toplevels or any
other icon I get a RUNTIME ERROR !


 and the application is terminated.


ANY help to get GLADE installed and running will be greatly appreciated.


Has any one experienced this problem




Bill Szuch


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