[Glade-users] Upgrade experience... Slooowww strings and other worries

Hello all.

I finally gathered the courage to port the program I wrote for my wife's
pharmacy to Glade 3. There are _loads_ of windows, many of which I'm
replacing with dialogs to simplify the GUI.

Anyway, I estimate I'm at about 70-80% of redefining the windows, and
any string editing (say, widget names, or label/other texts) is taking
from 10 to 25 seconds to see the change. The rest of the Glade process
seems to suffer little.

So, I want to pose a few questions:

1) At the moment, I'm putting _all_ widgets in the same .ui file. Is
this causing the long delays? And...

2) Will this cause similar delays when the actual program is running?
I'm far from trying this out. 

3) Is there a better/more efficient way to manage 30-odd windows in a
program? I've read a few contradictory opinions on the 'net, and I
don't particularly  wouldn't want to carry 30 .ui files around.

4) On a slightly other topic, when defining Buttons with extra
graphics, the images seem to appear on the widget tree as unrelated
items. Is that normal?

5) If I use a stock graphic (icon) for a ImageButton, the image
appears, but disappears on copy and paste (even though the image name
is still correctly defined).

6) Still farther away from the original issue - is there a DateEdit
widget which can replace the (apparently) deprecated GnomeDateEdit?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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