[Glade-users] HScale, signals

It should work to connect to the button-release-event.

Did you check the callback signature and documentation
for that signal in GTK+ ?

If you return FALSE from that handler you allow the scale widget
to also handle the button release, returning TRUE from that
handler will "steal" the event so to speak.


On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 10:47 PM, axel <axel.voges at freenet.de> wrote:

I use the hscale slider in a project. The used callback is
"on_xxx_value_changed". Now I found, that the callback is called every
time I move the slider. I need a signal that calls the callback only,
when slider is released at the end of moving. I've tried the
"button-release-event", but than the slider is always active, I can not
release it.

Glade version 3.6.7
System: Linux Mint 8

Any hints?


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