[Glade-users] Glade 3 menubar does not respond to first click (2nd, 3rd etc are fine)

Hi all,

I've just registered this group, because I can't find an answer via Google. It may be that I'm not using the 
right keywords for my search, it wouldn't surprise me since I'm not that familiar with Glade.

I'm using Glade 3.6.1, Python 2.6.4, PyGTK 2.0 (PyCairo and PyObject as well). Also, working under Windows XP.

I have set up a Window, that packs a VBox that packs amongst others a menu bar. This menu bar is generated by 
Glade via Containers > Menu Bar. I did change it a bit, but then ran into this issue, deleted it and put back 
the Glade-generated one. Still the same issue: When I launch an application and click on one of the items in 
the menu bar, nothing happens. Sometimes, when I move the mouse to a different item after having clicked, the 
dropdown is activated for that hovered-on-item and subsequent hovering does work as expected. However, that's 
not what I wanted of course. What I want is for that first click to work. When I click a second, third, 
fourth time etc, the menu bar behaves as expected and shows me the menu dropdown for the item I clicked.

I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. 

Kind regards,
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