[Glade-users] how to create a sudoku gui

   There are few ways you could make such a UI.

GTK+ menuing system has a grid mode which might be interesting to use,
using a grid-like menu might make it easier to use and more portable to
a handheld (or touchscreen) environment.

If you want to use an entry and go back and forth from keyboard/mouse-finger
input... you will have to police the entry content quite a bit, make
sure it only
accepts numeric input and only allow a single character at a time, probably
by selecting the current character (if any) at all times that the
entry is focused.

To force the entry size, set the "width-chars" property of GtkEntry to
a reasonable
value like 1 (otherwise you will always require a hard coded minimum width for
the entry).


On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 9:01 PM, karthik s <suryak at live.com> wrote:
I am done with command line interface of sudoku solver. Now, I am onto GUI
building. I am absolutely new to GUI and so to glade. (I use C)

Well, I created a frame and on it dropped a 'table' container of 9-by-9
size. Now, I am trying to put a 'text entry' control in each container.
The 'Text Entry's' I have created are very long (horizontally very long).
How do I reduce its size so as to look like a sudoku gui.

As you might have already aware of how exactly a sudoku gui looks like, so
please help me on this. How do I make it?
Also do know that I am still a student and not a professional who can handle
Linux Kernel.

I hope you will help me


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