[Glade-users] Segfault while loading custom widget that uses libgee

Hi, I'm experiencing a strange problem while adding a custom widget to
a container.

The widget was written in Vala and works well in C and Vala test
programs. It's now installed in my computer as a shared library.
I've managed to create a valid yet small glade catalog file, and my
widgets are shown in the Glade pallette.

However, when adding my widget to a window container, it segfaults
while trying to read the size of a libgee collection (an ArrayList of
a custom class). If I add the widget to a GtkBox I can even see it's
custom signals, but it will eventually crash.

Are there any "restrictions" on the way Glade interacts with custom
widgets? I don't have a "small" example available (it's a quite big
autotools private project), but the situation is quite easy to show:

public class Foo {
    // ...

public MyWidget : DrawingArea {
    public ArrayList<Foo> myList;
    public MyWidget() {
         myList = new ArrayList<Foo> ();
         //using myList.size from now on crashes (only in Glade)

What procedures can I do to find out why it crashes when trying to
access the gee collection?

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