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On Sat, 2011-08-13 at 05:14 -0700, Lloyd Rice wrote:
I would repeat Chankey's question.
Chankey: I assume you have looked at "Tutorials" on http://glade.gnome.org/
          There are a few things of interest there, but all seem a bit 

Anybody: Is there any current Glade activity?
I downloaded 3.10, but was not able to install it on Debian.
There were some missing pieces.
I posted questions here but never got answers on how to proceed.

Hi Chankey, Lloyd,
  Glade has desperately needed good user facing documentation since
the initial 3.0 release of Glade 3.

There was however an effort by our developers (I believe it was
Vincent Geddes who integrated it) to make one, it is completely
lacking in content but at least has some structure of chapters
and distributes something suitable for 'yelp' (the docs is very
old however and even the scaffolding we have might be outdated).

That said, we would love to migrate the said existing tutorials
into a user manual, I can volunteer to review the work and correct
any mistakes.

Regarding Glade 3.10 and 3.8 releases you should probably
read this blog post which explains the release strategy:

Know that Glade 3.10 uses GTK+3 and Glade 3.8 uses GTK+2,

both GTK+2/3 and both Glade 3.8/10 are parallel installable
on your system.

However if your system is missing pieces then those pieces need
to be installed/upgraded, Glade really only depends on GTK+ and
libxml2 so on whatever system you have, satisfying those dependencies
should not be much of a problem.

Of course if you need to compile Glade from the tarball you need 
to have a basic gnu toolchain installed and the header files for
GTK+/libxml2 and their dependencies installed too.

If building Glade and satisfying it's dependencies on your system is 
too much, then I suppose one has to wait until a package for the 
newest Glade becomes available for your distribution.

Best Regards,

Lloyd Rice
lloydrice at frii.com

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