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yes, at least i would make an "init" phase for the aplication, , where all
that type of data is loaded into the program.
i dont work on python but opening / reading a formated ascii or binary file
is trivial, shouldnt be a problem.
i recommend dont worry on the optimization of small things at this stage of
you develop, try to make it work, scan the file line by line and start
adding countries, then you might come up with a better idea if there is one,
thats what i can say as a mid experienced programmer.
however, is a good start to have data separated from the logic, keep it that

best regards

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 4:36 PM, Arthur Shats <ashats at hotmail.com> wrote:

 I am using Glade and Python (new to Python).
On my window created in Glade, I have a combobox that should display
countries and states (USA). I can, of course, type all of it into the
combobox *'Items'* property in Glade, but I also have a file with all this
info. So the question is, is it possible to attach the content of a file to
a combobox *Items*? Probably not, so I suppose I have to read the file in
Python and assign the content to *Items* property. Am I right? If there
any short cuts to accomplish this, please let me know.

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