[Glade-users] Glade and Python

I haven't got an answer to my last question, but I have to move on. Here is another question.
I created GUI with Glade-2, converted .glade file to Python via Gladex. I am new to Python/Gladex, so my 
question is how in Python I would access widgets that I created in Glade? Say I created a dialog box in Glade 
with a button and an empty label. When I click on a button, I want to set label text (inside Python code, as 
opposed to pre-setting it in Glade). I know in C, I would call create_myDialog() to get the pointer to the 
dialog box created in Glade, then I would call lookup_widget(myDialog, "myLabel") to get the pointer to the 
label and then I would call gtk_label_set_text(label, "here goes the label text") to set the label text.
What are the Python functions to do this? I could find Python examples on creating/setting widgets from 
scratch, but I couldn't find examples on how to set properties of widgets that were created via Glade? If you 
have good tutorial example, it would helpfull too.
Thanks much.
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