[Glade-users] Glade with Python

I've been using Glade-2 with generated C code. For future development, I was told to still create GUI in 
Glade-2, but convert .glade files to Python code using Gladex. The screen I need to create is simple (a 
dialog box with OK button and a label). This code (screen) would be accessed from another, totally unrelated 
python code. I created such a dialog box with the button clicked_callback and used Gladex to generate Python 
code. For the sake of the argument lets say, I need to set_text on a label inside the Python code (not in 
Glade). I am new to Python and have no clue where to start adding the code and what would it be. Gladex gave 
me two files: example.py and example_callbacks.py. I believe I should not be touching example.py much and add 
all the logic inside example_callbacks.py, but this file has only two functions init and 
button_clicked_callback. Where would I put the code to set_text for the label? And what would the code look 
On a general note, if you have a nice tutorial on using Python code generated by Gladex or anything related 
to it, please let me know.
Thanks much.
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