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On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 11:36 AM, selvamani sampath
<selva.infobees at gmail.com> wrote:
Hi to all,
? ? ? ? ? I am using glade 3. I have a problem, that is, if i
maximize the toplevel window, only the window is getting maximized,
but their child widgets is expanding automatically according to the
size of windows.

They are expanding or they are not expanding ?

Is there any properties to set the widgets auto fit
with the window while maximizing or minimizing?.

You want the widgets to expand or not ?

You must use the "packing" tab in Glade to define whether
a widget "expand"s or not in it's parent container, generally
in a GtkBox if no widgets expand, they all expand (you need
to decide at least one widget in a container that will receive
the expand space when it's parent expands).


I am using pygtk with
glade. if the any methods in pygtk to do this, it would also be

Thanks in advance,


Selvamani. S
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