[Glade-users] GtkAction not child of GtkActionGroup

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 6:52 PM, Piscium <groknok at yahoo.ie> wrote:
This is my first email to this list, so first let me thank Tristan and the other developers for making 
Glade available to the world.

I have a question. If with Glade I click any button of the Action type, such as Action Group, Action, 
Toggle Action, this results only in that type of action being added to the bottom of the Actions shown by 
the Inspector.

As an example, this is the resulting XML:
?<object class="GtkActionGroup" id="actiongroup1"/>
?<object class="GtkAction" id="action1"/>
?<object class="GtkActionGroup" id="actiongroup2"/>

What I was expecting was to see GtkAction as child of GtkActionGroup, but I found no way of doing so with 
Glade. Obviously I could edit the XML file by hand.

I wonder if I am missing something? (I am a beginner with both Glade and GTK).

I am using Glade v. 3.6.7 on Fedora 12.

    This relationship between group<-->action was only recently
added in the 3.7.1 development release (and does not yet have any
good custom editor to group the actions), currently with 3.7.1 you need
to use the context menu to add an action to its group.

Note theres an unexpected crasher in 3.7.1 when doing cross-project
copy/paste (thats fixed only in git master...)



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