[Glade-users] How top make scrollwindow with textview move text up

On Sun, 2010-06-13 at 18:42 -0800, Karl Walter wrote:
Hello.  I am just learning to use glade, and I have successfully put a
textview inside scrollwindow, and fed text to it and it works
perfectly, except that when the window is full of text, the newest
text is hidden at the bottom, and you have to scroll down to see it.
 I'd like for it to be opposite: when the textbox is full, the new
text appears at the bottom, and the oldest goes up, and the scroll bar
handle stays at the bottom, with space growing above it. Is there a
way to do that? --Karl  

I did not work with textviews much, but I'd guess you could call one of
gtk_text_view_scroll_* functions after adding each portion of text. But
if it's a problem, you also can monitor vertical adjustment of the
scrolled window and force its value to be at the bottom when necessary.

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