[Glade-users] Apps

On Mon, 2010-06-07 at 15:08 -0300, Eric Alejandro Destefanis wrote:
 Hi, I would like to ask you where can I find some complete
applications developed in glade using c/c++.

Applications ain't being developed in glade using c/c++. Applications
are being developed in c/c++ using glade as an aid. Aside from this
technicality you can search for glade files down /usr/share/ directory
and see which of currently installed applications are making use of
glade files. As I can see among most noticeable applications, GCalctool
and Gnumeric have some .glade files there, but I'm on kind of lean
system right now without too much gui software. Maybe you could find
some better examples to suite you.

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