[Glade-users] 2-digit fractional part limit on Adjustment's upper/lower bounds

good work on checking so soon the Glade source and the line where the '2' digits is hardcoded.

Can't the limit be (dynamically) raised by Glade
according to the SpinButton 'Digits' field (i.e. a
'Digits=6' would allow to insert a more precise upper/lower

GtkAdjustment is in now way specific to spin button and dynamically
raising editor's precision based on some widget that simply "consumes"
adjustment is really not feasible.

I'm not sure what would the optimal solution be. IMHO,

Sorry, I didn't understand your reply. 
I don't know the Glade code, but (lacking a better solution) I think what I wrote could be feasible. 

I explain myself better. I assume that in Glade there are two 'objects'/data structures  GtkSpinButton and 
associated GtkAdjustment instantiated for each SpinButton a user creates.  Every time the user modifies the 
'Digits' field in the SpinButton, there should be some code/callback in Glade that modifies the allowed 
number of fractional digits into the associated Adjustment upper/lower/etc attributes.  So that if digits 
changes from '2' to '6' in that SpinButton, the upper/lower fields would automatically change from  0.00 to 

This, unless you meant there is only one Adjustment kind of 'template' in Glade and once established it as 
having 2 digits precision it is used by all the other widgets in the Glade editor.

Thanks for help,
Giovanni Maggiorani 


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