[Glade-users] newbie question: trouble using tree view column editor

I'm in the middle of Tadej Borov?ak's excellent tutorial; I've reached the  
stage of adding display components to the tree view. I can add tree view  
columns using the tree view editor. But when I attempt to add renderers to  
the columns (the step in the tutorial beginning with "Now right-click  
newly created column and select "Add child Spin item"" I don't seem to be  
able to. Right-click on the column (in the Hierarchy view) brings forward  
a dark-background box over the field that says "Column", and that's all.  
If I repeatedly do this, I can see that there is a combo box pull-down  
drawn under it, just a flash before/after the box appears, but I don't  
have access to the combo box.

(a) am I trying to add the renderer in the wrong way?
(b) if the right way, can I make this work?

Mac OS X 10.5.8 (older MacBook)
Glade 3.6.7

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