[Glade-users] Why I cannot add GtkAction, GtkActionGroup and GtkUIManager in hierarchy way?


I'm using Glade 3.6.7 to edit the glade file(GtkBuilder format). I found
that it's not possible to add GtkAction to GtkActionGroup as a child, and
it's also not possible to add GtkActionGroup to GtkUIManager as a child,
which I think it should be. If I manually edit the glade file in such way,
when I open the file with Glade, all GtkActionGroup and GtkAction are
disappeared(or not displayed).

GtkAction, GtkActionGroup and GtkUIManager have to be added in same level,
not in hierarchy way, otherwise they are not be able displayed by Glade. Is
that means Glade currently cannot support those in hierarchy way? or they
should not be hierarchy as the GtkBuilder format required to?

Thanks in advance.


Tao Wang
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